Holy Trinity Anglican Church
55 Atterbury Blvd
Hudson, Ohio
People Matter to God!

Holy Eucharist

Wednesday 7:00 PM (starting Nov 1)
(Service of Healing and Growth)

Sunday   10:00 AM
(With Music, also nursery and 
Sunday school for children)

Daily Morning Prayer

Tues-Fri    9:30 am
(In the choir loft)
Holy Trinity Anglican Church ® 55 Atterbury BlvdHudson,OH 44236                     HolyTrinity@HudsonAnglican.com
Rethinking Tradition​

Some people think that tradition -- especially when it comes to religion -- means out-of-date, antiquated, and irrelevant. At Holy Trinity we urge people to rethink tradition. For us tradition means finding the best wisdom, recovering a proven path to wholeness, and getting in touch with the sacred. We see tradition as, “the living faith of the dead," while "traditionalism is the dead faith of the living." And, as the theologian Jaroslav Pelikan went on to say, "it is traditionalism that gives tradition such a bad name.”

What Are You Looking For?

Happiness? That's great! It's okay to want to be happy. All people should want to be happy. But the better question -- the deeper question -- is: How do I find and maintain happiness? We hope that you'll join us on a journey to answer that question. It is a journey that has traversed the entire globe over thousands of years. And, yes, there is an answer!

Meaning? Why am I here? Where am I going? Does my life matter? Have you been asking yourself these questions?

These are questions everyone asks sooner or later. They are questions that deal with BIG issues. At Holy Trinity we want you to have an opportunity to explore these questions and discover the joy of knowing that you are here for a reason, that your life does have a destination, and that you do matter -- you matter to other people and you matter to God.

Hope: Hope is the fuel that moves people forward in life. Without the promise of a better tomorrow despair could overtake us and keep us from experiencing joy, peace, or happiness. Do you wonder if God offers hope to desperate people? Come, experience the real presence of the living God and find a hope that endures.


We're glad you stopped by. We believe that God loves you and wants you to find happiness, joy, and peace even more than you want it for yourself.

Come, connect with an ancient spirituality that has contemporary relevance.