Holy Trinity Anglican Church
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Hudson, Ohio
Our church exists to glorify God by forming fully committed followers 
of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

                Christ has died.
                        Christ is risen.
                                Christ will come again!
Ways to Worship with Holy Trinity...

Our principal act of worship is the Holy Eucharist. The word "Eucharist" comes from an ancient Greek word which means, "thanksgiving." Holy Eucharist is a service of thanksgiving to God for the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ; it is also called by many, "the mass."

Holy Eucharist has two parts: the service of the Word and the Holy Communion. In part-one we gather to praise God and to hear from the Bible. In part-two we give thanks and feast through the meal of Holy Communion. 

Anglicans believe that the very body and blood of Christ are present in the elements of the mass, which offer a means of grace with which to restore us to the image of God. We welcome all baptized Christians to receive Communion. If you're not baptized, please contact us to talk about baptism.
...in Daily Prayer
The Church of England simplified daily prayer so that all the people of God - lay and clergy - could participate. Instead of 7 daily prayer times (which only monks and nuns could perform) the Church decreased the number to 3: Morning Prayer (breakfast), Evening Prayer (supper), and Compline (bedtime). This way farmers and carpenters, mothers and school teachers, could join with the priests and monks and nuns in prayer.

At Holy Trinity we invite anyone to join the rector as he leads daily Morning Prayer in the church, or to simply say the same prayers at home. Our clergy will be happy to instruct you in how to use the Book of Common Prayer for use in the "Daily Office," the name for daily prayer. 

Daily prayer offers an inexhaustible resource for godliness and peace and hope.
...on Wednesdays
During the autumn and winter we offer mid-week Evening Prayer with Holy Communion. The service is brief, lasting about 30 minutes, after which the rector invites anyone needing special prayer to come to the altar rail for anointing and prayer. For many people this is a healing prayer, asking God to bring physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, or relational healing to their lives. For others it is simply an affirmation of God's love and constant care.

This service is a quiet and contemplative one, we invite you to join us if you could use this sort of balance in your life. 

During LENT we offer a simple, common meal (usually soup and sandwiches) in place of Evening Prayer (starting at 6:30 PM) when one of our clergy leads in a biblically-based study. This year we are follow N.T. Wright's new course, The New Testament You Never Knew.
...on Sundays at Holy Eucharist
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